In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 5 elements used to diagnose and treat the body, helping to provide a basic understanding of “body type”. Each element governs a season, taste, color, smell, organ, emotion, and more. We have them all within us, but tend to be stronger in one or two elements. Recognizing this is not only helpful for a practitioner, but for anyone interested in knowing themselves better and taking a more active role in their physical and emotional health.

Each of these handmade balms is formulated with a blend of essential oils to help nourish that element, give you a little extra self-care/self-love, and teach you a little bit more about the beauty that is Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Each balm comes with a description of the element, oil blend, and suggested Acupuncture meridians to apply balm to. 

I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them for you. 



While creating these blends, I wanted to find a way to merge TCM with my Guatemalan heritage. While visiting Guatemala in the past, I've learned about various indigenous rituals that happen during the full moon. I wanted to honor La Luna (the moon) and honor the 5 elements in TCM. Hence, Luna de (Moon of). And of course, each element is in Spanish as well. This allows you to learn a little Spanish, a little TCM, and to honor your body in the process.