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Reiki + Cosmic Meditation + Esoteric Acupuncture

The incredible and mystical @esoteric_esa and I have been working together behind the scenes to create this magical offering, just. for. you.

We are so excited to invite you to create a safe space with us on a special cosmic portal day in numerology and in astrology! Better known as, Lion’s Gate Portal, when the veil is thin to travel the fifth dimension and connect with our higher self. Lion’s Gate Portal is a time when esoteric number codes are available to us for healing and manifestation purposes. It’s a wonderful time to activate your starseed DNA as well, which the Reiki and meditation portion will assist with opening the timeline for all attendees.

✨🦁 Lion’s Gate Portal Activation Ritual 🦁 ✨

happening IN PERSON • Monday 08/08/22 • 6-8:30 pm •

at our beautiful healing space.

We will gather in a small group of only 8. This is to allow a small and intimate feel, in order to create a group setting where everyone receives equal attention, time and healing. A very special and magical container to allow for magic, connection, and astral traveling. 💫

If you have attended an event at the office in the past, then you know first hand how special these gatherings are.

What will you receive from us:

🧘🏽‍♀️ intention setting

🍵 tea ceremony

✏️ journaling

🕯️ altar building + candle work

💠 intuitive crystal stone pulls for all attendees

🔮 group oracle card reading by @esoteric_esa

✨ esoteric acupuncture by @whenintao

🛸 cosmic starseed meditation + group reiki by @estoeric_esa

We will connect with one another, set intentions, and open circle. Jessica will perform esoteric acupuncture to activate our third eye. Esoteric Esa will guide us into the astral realm with a cosmic meditation while facilitating reiki energy healing. Afterward, we integrate the session through journaling, public shares and a group oracle card reading. We also made time to mingle and network once the group circle is wrapped up! Attendance includes your own crystal stone and reiki charged candle to journey back home with you.

• • •

Esoteric acupuncture combines sacred geometry and the chakra system to allow you to connect to your higher self. When performed in a group setting, combined with a cosmic meditation AND reiki…the effects are other worldly. Reiki is a Japanese ancient energetic healing technique that one must apprentice to learn by a certified Reiki Master under the teachings of Grand Master Usui. Esoteric Esa is a certified Reiki Practitioner under the lineages of Maestra Vanessa Codorniu level 1 Reiki and Maestra Zayda Rivera level 2 Reiki.

You may want to stretch before, because we’re blasting off into the cosmos my friends.

We hope you join us for this evening of cosmic magic and community.

to RSVP, kindly click the button below.

🛸 we hope you join us on the spaceship 🛸

• • • • •

About Esoteric Esa:

Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad aka Esoteric Esa (she, her, ella, they), is an Astrologer, Psychic, Intuitive, Numerologist, and Entrepreneur creator of The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle®, the 8-season Award-winning podcast Better Work Bitch!, Founder of the SOULIMINATI brand and the Esoteric EsaPatreon community. Esoteric Esa's work reflects her transformative spiritual journey and focuses on destigmatizing the negative misconceptions of esoteric teachings and practices within the Latinx community. She is the former resident astrologer for FIERCE MiTú, a contributor at HipLatina, PopSugar Latina and Cosmopolitan; and has been featured in leading media outlets including Refinery29, Bustle, and MiTú. She accurately predicted Biden winning the Presidency and Meghan Markle's pregnancy, among other important forecasting. She dedicates her time to empowering others through tarot readings, natal chart sessions, one-on-one coaching, workshops, and conferences. 

Connect with her via:

Instagram: @esoteric_esa

Instagram brand: @souliminati

Twitter: @jgalejandrez


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About Jessica

I am first generation Guatemalan- American, fluent in both English and Spanish, and a California Board Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. I earned my Masters's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University in Los Angeles. I was fortunate enough to train in multiple clinics ranging from the Venice Family Pain Clinic to volunteering at Being Alive in West Hollywood ( a clinic dedicated to providing treatment to HIV patients). In 2015 I took part in intensive and advanced clinical training at the Acupuncture Academy in China: The China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center, and the Institute of Acupuncture and Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. After focusing so heavily on Traditional Chinese Medicine, I chose to also study for an additional 2 years and become a Practitioner of Esoteric Acupuncture. This allows me to focus on and works with the subconscious, chakra system, and organ spirits. I do my best to apply a little of Esoteric and Traditional Acupuncture to all my treatments. I founded When in Tao 5 years ago, and cannot believe I get to do do this work for our community.



next one is in August 2022

Each month we will host a community clinic. Donation-based only. Pay what you can. This event is open to all! We're here to help make the world a little better and help take some of the stress and weight off your shoulders. 

30 min acupuncture sessions

30 min cupping sessions

45 min massage sessions

We donate 50% of the proceeds to a different charity or organization each month. 

* Limit one service per person

* If you have already received a massage with us before, we ask that you let someone new experience this magic.

* Cancellation Policy: we ask that you provide a minimum of 24 hours. If you cancel the day of or fail to show up to your appointment, you will not be eligible to participate in future community clinics with us.